Readership at Alinea Chambers

Alinea Chambers offers at least one readership position each year, usually in the May intake.

Why read at Alinea Chambers?

Alinea Chambers is progressive, inclusive and diverse. Our barristers are consistently recognised by clients and colleagues as amongst the best in their field. We are committed to providing guidance, mentorship and work opportunities to our readers and to seeing each new barrister reach their full potential at the Bar. Our readers are expected to have one 'on-floor' tutor, who has a particular responsibility to ensure that their pupil has access to advice and support throughout their readership year. Additionally, all of our barristers adopt an open-door policy to ensure that our readers have a wealth of experience available to them throughout the course of their readership.

What are the accommodation arrangements for readers at Alinea Chambers?

Our reader is provided with a room in chambers, access to our online library resources and clerking services for their readership year free of charge.

How do I apply to read at Alinea Chambers?

Persons wishing to apply to Alinea Chambers to read with the floor should submit an application to our Clerk at

All applications are treated in confidence. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Your application should include:

  • A brief covering letter; 
  • Curriculum vitae; and
  • Academic transcripts.

You may provide us with up to two referees in support of your application, but it is not necessary to do so.

When will readership offers be made?

The application process for the 2025 intake has closed. The Readership Committee invites applications for 2026 and encourages early applications.